Table of Contents

Part I Introduction

  1. Introduction to Software Product Line Engineering
  2. A Framework for Software Product Line Engineering  (Download Page)
  3. Overview of the Example Domain: Home Automation

Part II Product Line Variability

  1. Principles of Variability
  2. Documenting Variability in Requirements Artefacts
  3. Documenting Variability in Design Artefacts
  4. Documenting Variability in Realisation Artefacts
  5. Documenting Variability in Test Artefacts

Part III Domain Engineering

  1. Product Management
  2. Domain Requirements Engineering
  3. Domain Design
  4. Domain Realisation
  5. Domain Testing
  6. Selecting High-Level COTS Components

Part IV Application Engineering

  1. Application Requirements Engineering
  2. Application Design
  3. Application Realisation
  4. Application Testing

Part V Organisation Aspects

  1. Organisation
  2. Transition Process

Part VI Experience and Future Research

  1. Experiences with Software Product Line Engineering
  2. Future Research