Robert Bosch GmbH (10th Case)

Company Background

Robert Bosch GmbH is a leading supplier of the automotive industry and produces many different systems, such as microelectronic sensor and control devices.


The presented case study covers the example of driver assistance systems, which supervise the periphery of a car to assist the driver. A parking pilot is a typical example of a driver assistance system.


The automotive domain is characterised by only a few car manufacturers, whose market power forces the suppliers to deliver systems adjusted to the individual needs of the car manufacturer with high quality at low prices. The concept of software product lines helps to attain these requirements. Robert Bosch GmbH has dealt with development methods for software product lines in the automotive domain in the ITEA-Project CAFÉ. The main goal of Robert Bosch GmbH was to establish a reference architecture for driver assistance systems, which had to be configurable, integratable, and highly performing.


Robert Bosch GmbH has reached the goals for its architecture. The architecture is configurable due to a reduction of the dependencies between different components. Integratability is reached by using the automotive standard CAN for the system interfaces. High performance is achieved by parallel data processing. Therefore the software product line for driver assistance systems can be used in different contexts for different car manufacturers.


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