LG Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. (6th Case)

Company Background

LG Industrial Systems Co., Ltd (LGIS) is a Korean manufacturer of electric power equipment including industrial electric equipment, distribution, automation, and control systems.


A business area of LGIS is the development of elevator control systems (ECS). This embedded control software has a high diversity of customer needs and therefore rapidly changing market requirements. The competitive market of ECS demands a high flexibility in the products to retain a significant market share.


Doing it the old way, LGIS developed all its ECS separately, so LGIS had to modify the software frequently. Changes were often unmanaged and the software became error-prone. To improve the situation, LGIS decided to start a software product line for ECS. The product line engineering process was separated into two parts, namely domain and application engineering. Several phases ware passed through during domain engineering, e.g. the context analysis to set the scope of the domain or feature modelling to detect the commonalities and differences in the domain. The application engineering dealt with the configuration process of the software product line at LGIS, e.g. with the selection of features.


A result of the software product line is the decreasing complexity of the core assets. In the old version the system consisted of 51 modules with 603 functions, which were in part redundant. The re-engineered core assets for the software product line have a reduced size and complexity of 48 modules with 295 functions. One example of the reduced complexity is the number of functions, which had to be modified because of changes to a serial port. In the old system, 20 functions had to be modified and in the reengineered core assets only 8. The reduction of complexity also led to reduced maintenance costs.


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